How to Pack A Carry On for Ten Days in Europe

When we were planning our European adventures, a lot of talk and phone calls went into what we were bringing in our one carry on suitcase that was coming along on the journey. Let me preface this

5 Secrets to a Seamless Wedding Day

1.) Set yourself up for success: work with your vendors to create the perfect timeline for your day. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed, nothing good happens when you feel you are running

Behind the Brand: From There to Here

Here is a recent interview I did for MadeClose on turning your passions into profits. This is by far one of my favorite interviews and Kendall just did an awesome job summing up my crazy self (and

The Secret to Losing Those Last Ten Pounds

When does it end? Will it ever really end? The truth is, I am afraid it will last forever, I’m afraid that someday I will be the mom who cooks a full meal for my family and then dishes up a small

Travel Tips for Planning a European Vacation

- Today is the day that we are heading to Europe! We are flying out of different airports so I will actually be meeting my mom and sister in Rome. If I didn’t fly all the time, I might be

The Shelerud Girls Take Europe

A few short months ago, my sister and I were on the phone. We try to talk every week, but some weeks are better than others. I called her on the way home from the gym and after a bit of chatter she

Our Social Media Free Weekend and Why You Should Do It

Us having a weekend off together with zero plans is about as rare as a unicorn. When we realized last minute that our calendars were clear and open for whatever we wanted to fill them with, I

The Best Way to Market Yourself

Before I started my own business, I worked in a windowless office as an HR Executive. Lordy, I wish I could tell you all of the crazy things I encountered as I completed job interview after job

Ten Things No One Tells You About Working for Yourself

  It’s funny really, when I quit my corporate job with my windowless office, I assumed a lot of things. I imagined a life that felt like summer vacation everyday and to be honest, my life sort of

Three years ago I quit my corporate job for yoga pants…

Okay, so I didn’t actually quit my job FOR yoga pants, but I did trade in my red and khaki uniform for yoga pants and long days working from home. Here’s the truth: I had thought that

James + Jessie – Dallas Engagement Session

You know what? I have nothing else to say but I freaking love these photos of people that I freaking love. Simple as that. Sometimes I just have to let the photos do the talking and the universe do

The Real Truth About Being A Wedding Photographer

Here’s what I really love about my job but have never really said or found a way to actually express in an eloquent way. Let me first say, this might not be eloquent, but it’s the truth, from the

What Can Happen When Too Much is Consumed

I probably fooled you into thinking I was talking about wine… or vodka, am I right? The truth of the matter is, I’m talking about something that is far more important, far more

We Are Really Making Waves

Last month I embarked on the most rewarding, challenging, exciting adventure of my career. I launched my first marketing course for creative entrepreneurs and together with 16 incredible small

Three-peat: Best of Wisconsin Bride Magazine

The other day, I was tagged in a post. I don’t get notifications on my phone, I try as hard as worldly possible to limit my social media usage and so I missed it. It was announced that,

David + Brittany – Fond du Lac Maternity

If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime, well, Brit, you are stuck with me for the rest of my life. I met her in 2006 in a Taco Bell. The truth? We knew