Costa Rica – The Pura Vida Life II

Yeah, it’s already been two months since we got back from Costa Rica, a vacation and left me wanting to get back there as soon as I physically can. I’ve talked a lot about how we make

Our Wedding Wasn’t Perfect: IV

It’s kind of crazy actually. I still consider myself a recent bride, even though we are quickly approaching our three year anniversary. The other day I was out to lunch with some fellow

Save Me From My Yoga Pants

It’s become part of my routine, I keep the TV off until “What Not to Wear” comes on before my lunch time (yes, even working for myself I have a lunch time.) I have this secret

When Worlds Collide

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” This weekend my worlds collided. My parents made a

Print of the Week: Stay Strong

First and foremost: thank you. Thank you for believing in the little endeavor of opening up a print shop, for supporting my love of painting, and for purchasing fun prints for your home. I am

Growing Up (and Celebrating!)

It was a little over three years ago when I traded in my red and khaki for a hospital gown and cracked jokes under anesthesia to the surgeon who promised to fix my bum foot. A few screws and a couple

Andra Delores Design Stationery

It started awhile ago, when Andra somehow found me – we aren’t sure if it was this blog or Facebook or instagram, but somehow we became connected. Soon she was leaving sweet little

Cullen + Meghan – Maternity Session

Meghan and I go way back – like college roommates way back! We experienced birthdays, engagements, Starbucks addictions, cabin trips, wedding planning, and graduating as friends. It’s

Feeling Beautiful

You might have caught glimpses of these images and wondered why I of all people was getting tagged in a blonde girl, with fake lashes photos. Guess what? It’s me. Okay, let’s face it. We

Grand Opening and Giveaway: Print Shop

Today is a day that I have been so excited / nervous / giddy / scared for. I am finally launching my print shop and it’s been something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last

Truth: We Will Never Arrive

This is something I have always struggled with, something that I push back whenever it starts to bubble over and pretend that it isn’t real, it’s something that weighs heavy on my heart

Coffee, Nap, Macaroni, Rinse, Repeat

Yesterday I turned 26 and it was a day filled with feeling loved, celebrated, and pampered. My amazing husband surprised me with a spa day (my first ever) and it felt amazing to relax for a day! After

So Long Sweet 25

Oh lord, another year and another birthday post. Every year April serves as a time where I reflect, rejuvenate, dance in the rain, nap, eat cake and make some plans for the next 365 days…. let’

Girly Heaven : Behind the Scenes

You may have caught glimpses of pictures of me all dolled up and glamorous – that’s because I got to spend the day in girly heaven on my recent trip to Seattle. I’ll be sharing some

Does that mean I have to get you a gift?

Drew and I have this hilarious joke (he thinks it’s hilarious, I have started to laugh at it – five years later.) It all started when we were still in that “celebrate every month&#

SURPRISE!!!! (No, I’m not pregnant)

One thing I’ve learned in this world is to not tell people I have exciting news – that only means I will get a million texts, emails, and messages asking if I am pregnant. Yesterday I got