I’m sitting in the airport on the way home searching for words but they aren’t coming so today I want to share a little glimpse of what the last week in the Dominican Republic with

Adam + Andrea – Chenqua Country Club Wedding

Maybe it was the fact that she wore the dress her grandmother and mother wore when they wed or the way he watched her as those church doors opened and she came down the aisle. Maybe it was the

The Power of Saying No To Say Yes

At the end of last years wedding season, I made a tough decision that I knew I had to make, I started saying “no.” No, a simple two letter word that can hold a lot of power in our lives.

Stop and Sip the Tea

Let me be the first to admit that I am usually running a little late. I have this terrible habit of waiting until the very last minute to leave the house. Every single morning, I leave for the gym

Why You Might Want to Skip A Receiving Line

One of the biggest roles of my job as a photographer is to help inform my clients of all of the crazy things that happen on wedding days (and then of course share how to avoid them!) The truth is? I

Why I Believe in Dating My Husband

I still remember when we got married, people would tell us all of the time that the honeymoon phase would be over soon and life would settle in. It was depressing, I wanted married life to feel so

Fourth of July Life

The Fourth of July has always been something I love. It’s always involved family and sparklers and watermelon and bikinis, talk about summer perfection. When we were little we would go to the

Jason + Jenifer – Wisconsin Family Lifestyle Session

Jenifer reached out a few months back, hoping to capture a fun stage in her and Jason’s lives. I rarely, rarely do family sessions, this was a decision I made years ago when I flung myself

Meet: Max the Foster

Almost four years ago, we drove to a woman’s home in Lake Geneva to meet Chloe for the first time. We hadn’t planned on getting a dog just yet, in fact, we were yet to be married and

We Did It! Top of the Tiara!

Oh goodness, I don’t even know where to start or how to put any of this into words. First and foremost, I want to say a giant THANK YOU with cherries and sprinkles on top. Thank you for

Sequins, Family, Champagne, Oh My!

Tonight is the night, I always get these little butterflies, the kind I felt before I used to go to prom or something silly like that. It’s the kind of night where I really should plan out my

Why Fear is a Big Fat Liar

Dear you, I once heard that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time, today I’m talking about how that scientific theory stuck with me in an incredibly real way. A head full of

It’s Okay To Be Selfish Sometimes

One of the biggest things and themes I have learned over the last year as I coach entrepreneurs and speak at workshops is that often times as human beings (and business owners) we put ourselves

Stephen + Carol – Private Residence Wedding

Ask any photographer and they would tell you that they love a well detailed wedding, but ask me what I think about the whole thing and I’ll tell you that moments will always trump details,

A Month of Rest

It’s actually crazy, really, to think of the last time I had a few weeks “off” in the summer. Now, I am using the term “off” loosely, because I will still be working

Two Years on Stonefield Drive

We were walking the dogs like we do every night before bed and it hit me that this week we would be celebrating two whole years in our space. Let me first tell you that I used to celebrate every