Happy Birthday Chloe!

Name: Chloe From: Shelter in Kentucky Nicknames: Chloeoats, German Dog, Ole, Oleoats, Chlocolioats, Chloe Girl, Baby Girl My Facebook feed is full of cute drooling baby photos and I’m all over

Pher + Kelli – Norskedalen Heritage Center

  Kelli and Pher’s day was one that literally flew by without even the slightest bump in the road. When people say their wedding day was perfect, they are referring to days that are so

Matt + Karen – Harriet Island Wedding

I still remember when we were little kids playing cops and robbers in Matt’s backyard as kids. We grew up playing in his house behind the school and when I was lucky, he would let me borrow

Why Boudoir Isn’t What You Think It Is

Boudoir is a term that people like to throw around loosely. Everyone says it a little differently and what people envision when the word is say differs. Lately I have been shooting more boudoir in

Print of the Week: I’m Way Cooler on the Internet

Head to: The Print Shop  It happens every year – the mid-wedding season break down. As much as my life seems to be pulled together on the internets, the truth is, I probably look a lot cooler

Isaiah and Sarah – Delafield Lifestyle Session

Sarah and I became friends over three years ago when she was planning a wedding and I, unfortunately, was already booked for her wedding date. Since our initial contact, we have dreamed about

Jason + Haylea – Milwaukee Cuvee Wedding

I knew this day would be unforgettable before it even began. Haylea asked to chat on the phone a few days before the wedding and our conversation was filled with giddiness and laughs. We were just

Brad + Cierra – Grand Geneva Resort Wedding

Brad and Cierra share a love that is contagious. I was able to spend Thursday evening on a boat with their family and friends and instantly fell in love with their zeal and excitement over Brad and

The Art of Marriage

– Marriage isn’t just a wedding – it’s far, far more than a day where you dress up and drink champagne. This reading has appeared at a few of my weddings this year and I

Those Lazy Summer Days

It’s Friday and I am in the midst of the busiest week of my summer! I have had shoots Thursday-Saturday with an amazing double header wedding weekend starting today! In the craziness, I am

Five Common Wedding Mistakes Couples Make

I once heard that if you ever had a question about a wedding, you should ask a wedding photographer. Think about it: we attend weddings on a weekly basis and have pretty much witnessed it all. We are

My A-Team : A Message of Thanks

Every year I stop and sit and think about all that is happening around me. Usually this moment hits in the midst of chaos but this time it was in my car sitting in our dark garage. I sat in silence

Matt + Mande – Backyard Wisconsin Wedding

There is something to be said about a couple who ditches tradition and opts for a day that is utterly and perfectly them. Matt and Mande did this so gracefully and crafted a day that fit them and

The Kokes Family – Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography

Stacy and I have been “friends” for three years and counting thanks to Facebook. She is a talented wedding photographer in Arizona and I have always been so drawn to her heart and the

The Print Shop: Mugs Galore and a Giveaway

Those of you who know me, know that I am pretty much obsessed with coffee – I mean, a well balanced diet means a cup of java in each hand… right? A good portion of my college income

Happy Birthday America – Shelerud Style

We are just settling back into routine after an exquisite weekend up at the cabin! Each and every time I go, I promise myself that I will be back soon to relax and rejuvenate. There are so many