Jordan + Maya – Aztalan Engagement

Oh, where the heck do I begin when I start to rave about Jordan and Maya! Jordan lived a floor above me in the college dorms my freshman year, he had Guitar Hero and I spent many nights hanging out

My Memories Live Offline (and Maybe Yours Should, too!)

I could pretend that this was my Thanksgiving table scene but it wasn’t. In fact, I don’t have a single photo on my camera roll from Thanksgiving Day. My sweet little nephew was running

I Quit Corporate America and This is What Happened

Black Friday always tugs at heart heartstrings because I something about it makes me sick to my stomach. Years ago my brother was driving home from college and rolled his little truck (thankfully he

Immeasurably More: Katie O Selvidge

Name: Katie O. Selvidge Age: 27 Occupation: Creator + Publisher/Editor in Chief of Cottage Hill Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma My favorite thing about my body is: My legs. I was a ballerina for many

Jenna Kutcher Course: Marketing for Photographers

Going through college I couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted to do with my future, that is partially the reason why I double-majored with communication and marketing (with a minor in

The BIG Move: #kutchercraftsman

Well guys, it’s time to spill the beans on the blog! I’ve been slowing leaking the fact that we are officially moving, partially because I don’t want to jinx it, partially because

Immeasurably More: Sarah Contrucci Smith

Name: Sarah Contrucci Smith Age: 30 Occupation: Founder and Designer at Ara Collective  Location:  Austin, TX - My favorite thing about my body is: My tan Italian skin - I get complimented

Rising Tide Society Summit

A few months back I caught wind of the “Community over Competition” movement being led by the Rising Tide Society. I remember being so intrigued by what was happening over the

My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

The Process: Alright friends, this took forever to get together but a lot of you wanted to see my 40 piece collection, so here it is! If you missed my first post on “‘What is a Capsule

Immeasurably More: Bonnie Bahktiari

Name: Bonnie Bakhtiari Age: 25 Occupation: Brand Designer & Strategist at B is for Bonnie Designs, Illume Retreat Founder  Location: Waco, TX My favorite thing about my body is: My eyes I get

Ben + Beth Ann – Wisconsin Engagement Session

I went to college with these two! Ben was a wrestler, Beth Ann was on the swim team with me. They didn’t get together until after I had graduated but I’ve always “kept up”

Kyle + Lauren – Lake Mills Engagement

If I had to pick one thing I love most about my couples, it’s when I meet them and can’t imagine my life without them in it. That’s exactly how I felt with Kyle and Lauren. These

What is a Capsule Wardrobe, Anyway?

It’s funny! I was driving from the airport to our retreat and my friend Bonnie and I were talking about Capsule Wardrobes! If you’re in the blogging world or super active on social

Creighton + Michelle – Waukesha Airport Session

We all went to UWSP and were all athletes. There’s something about a college like that where the athletes have a deep respect for one another because you know of the time, talent, and

I Actually Woke Up Like This

I bet if we all thought about it, we could remember specific times in our lives where we didn’t feel beautiful or worthy. I remember so many instances in my childhood where those little

Kelsey + Jamie – Retzer Nature Center Engagement

I’ve known Jamie since I was a kiddo! We grew up in the same small Minnesotan town and I graduated with her little brother (who was obviously my fifth grade boyfriend!) When she reached out