It All Started With a Craigslist Camera

Awhile back my mother-in-law was visiting and she commented on how gray Tucker’s hair was getting, we laughed because we hadn’t even noticed. I mean, we live with the

Isaac + Mollie – Hawaii Beach Session

This girl, my Mollie! We have been best friends since we were in second grade and wearing velvet leotards. Mollie and I grew up together riding the bus home, quizzing her on her spelling words, and

Happy 29th Birthday, Drew!

We spent his 29th birthday on a 20 hour, overnight adventure to get home. Three flights, two lay overs, one delay later, we were on the road back to home. The funny thing? I wasn’t too sad to

It’s here: Time to Learn How to Use Your Camera!

It has been the most pre-registered for course EVER for Brit+Co and today is the day that you can sign your cute booty up for it! It’s finally live and time for you to officially sign

The Kutcher Craftsman Update

Oh man, it’s been ONE month since we moved into the Kutcher Craftsman. It’s crazy to think of how much has changed in a month but it’s safe to say we are SO happy here. The other

I need him, I need him, (and he needs me, too!)

It isn’t often that I am left home alone over night without Drew. In fact, it’s usually the other way around, when I am traveling for speaking engagements or photo shoots! On Thursday

My Travel Must Haves: Hawaii Edition

Our bags are packed… (haha, yeah right, y’all know that I pack the night before we leave!) and we are prepping mentally for sand and sun and a week on the islands! (Don’t

In Order to Pour into Others, We Must Fill Ourselves

Sometimes life can look like this. It’s easy to make a pretty post and a catchy caption and let people in just enough. Beyond this scene 18 women connected and let us in to the behind the

Five Marketing Mistakes We Keep On Making

People always ask me for marketing advice. With technology constantly growing, changing, evolving, it feels impossible to keep up with it all, but there are five common mistakes I continue to see

Dog Fur is Just Part of the Decor

We had taken a slight hiatus from fostering while we settled into the new place! It had been a few months and we were a little unsure how to move forward with the foster game. While it’s the

The Easiest Way to FINALLY Learn How to Use Your Camera

I remember when I bought my first camera from Craigslist. I loved it, it felt fancy. I had no clue what model it was or what lens I had on it but I just knew that it should be able to take epic

Less Work, More Life : for real

I was speaking at a workshop along side of some incredible industry leaders. There were photographers, writers, calligraphers, graphic designers, and we were all so passionate about intentional,

The BEST Gift I Ever Got Was Plastic

Over the last few years my family has trended on the presence over presents vibe for our holiday celebrations. We’ve really cut down on the amount of wrapping paper necessary to make it through

Let’s make it a THREE-PEAT, cool?

Holy moly, guacamole, it’s 2016 and the time has come to ask all of you loyal, beautiful, encouraging people to spend two minutes of your day making my year… before you roll your eyes

Here’s what I really have to say

Sometimes I sit down to write and the words just flow, other times I sit with my chin in my palm and wonder what the heck I have to offer the world today. Looking back over the last year, it’s

Aloha, 2016

It’s almost here, February, which for us means a little getaway. This will be our sixth time fleeing for February and we booked our trip with little time to spare, the destination this year?