It’s Okay To Be Selfish Sometimes

One of the biggest things and themes I have learned over the last year as I coach entrepreneurs and speak at workshops is that often times as human beings (and business owners) we put ourselves

Stephen + Carol – Private Residence Wedding

Ask any photographer and they would tell you that they love a well detailed wedding, but ask me what I think about the whole thing and I’ll tell you that moments will always trump details,

A Month of Rest

It’s actually crazy, really, to think of the last time I had a few weeks “off” in the summer. Now, I am using the term “off” loosely, because I will still be working

Two Years on Stonefield Drive

We were walking the dogs like we do every night before bed and it hit me that this week we would be celebrating two whole years in our space. Let me first tell you that I used to celebrate every

Eric + Stephanie – Country Springs Wedding

From the moment I met Stephanie and we wrapped one another in a hug, I knew that Eric was the luckiest man on the planet, to be enveloped in her arms for the rest of his life was a gift that

I’m Average and It’s Awesome

The alarm clock went off at 4AM and I questioned my existence on planet earth. Why in heaven’s name did I ever think this was a good idea. I looked my my outfit laid out and my almost brand

The Talk That Made Me Cry

I sat around the table eating vegan tacos and sipping a margarita with a bunch of powerhouse women in business. As we shared our stories and talked about all that we are surrounded by and how we got

Mark + Jenny – Edgewater Madison Wedding

Mark and Jenny met in college, circa 2007. What started as being neighbors in their apartment building became deck parties and one big family of friends. With an attached deck, their story was

Travel: Nice, France

Nice was in the middle of our trip! We had two nights and one full day (with the other two being train days!) We stopped in Nice in between Cinque Terre, Italy and Paris, France! Our time there

You Are Worthy

I posted this to Facebook the other night and the response was insane. Before I ever share a client’s boudoir photos, I ask them if they are comfortable with it being shared. I asked her if I

Rusty + Jessica – EAA Air Museum

She designs airplanes for a living, Rusty is in the computer security industry, they both love scent, technology, museums, and each other. Getting married at the EAA Airplane Museum was the perfect

Nautical Styled Wedding Shoot by Cherry Blossom Events

There is something so beautiful about teaming up with people who love what they do. For us in the wedding industry, we are blessed to work along side couple’s in love to live out their

Travel: Cinque Terre, Italy

When my mom kept telling us about Cinque Terre, Italy, I had no clue what she was really getting at, I also couldn’t pronounce it for the life of me. She told us about hiking from village

Wherever You Are, Be All There

When I travel, I am constantly people watching, smelling the food, trying new drinks, looking at architecture, exploring history, analyzing color… my brain moves a thousand miles a minute

Travel: Rome, Italy

I arrived in Rome alone, after almost 24 hours of travel. Jet lagged, I tried to find some wifi to get in touch with my mom and sister who were supposed to be meeting me there in a few short hours.

How to Pack A Carry On for Ten Days in Europe

When we were planning our European adventures, a lot of talk and phone calls went into what we were bringing in our one carry on suitcase that was coming along on the journey. Let me preface this