So Much To Celebrate – Giveaway!

30 weddings in 2014. 30 beautiful couples to celebrate with. 30 marriages captured at the very beginning. 60 families molding together. 100′s of bridesmaids and groomsmen looking good. 30 sets

Five Wild Facts About Me

1.) My first “real” job was cleaning limousines. I did it for three years and had to drive the limos up and down the driveway and park them in a tiny garage! This job had it’s

Mark + Jenny – Nashotah Engagement Session

I met Mark and Jenny at one of my favorite weddings of the year (Tyson and Libby’s, duh!) Mark was a quiet groomsman who totally rocked the photos and brought a genuine calm presence to

Alex + Erin – Abbey Resort Wedding

I started speaking with Ashley, Erin’s friend before I was ever put in touch with her. You see, Erin was planning a wedding, everything was falling into place except one small thing. She was

Kiley + Angela – Madison Engagement Session

I met Angela a few months back when we collaborated for a little shoot for a Style Me Pretty feature! Ang is a guest blogger for SMP and shares her stories as she plans her wedding day! When she

Year Three : Imperfectly Perfect

We sat on the countertops with our dear friend, Chloe, glass of wine in hand and some good conversation flowing. She’s photographed us the last three years, once a year, right around our

Confessions of a Workaholic

I don’t remember the last time I took a day off, like an actual: no email, no social media posting, no blogging, no client contact day off. When I wake up in the middle of the night and

Adam + Andrea – Okauchee Lake Engagement

They’ve always had a thing for lakes.  Calm Wisconsin bodies of water have served as an important part of some of their all time favorite moments. From first crushing on each other while on

Meet: Assistant Erin McLean

Going into my third season as a full time wedding photographer, I knew that I wanted to add someone special to my team. It’s hard to bring just anyone into a business that you have poured your

Look Back: Why Worrying is a Waste

One of my lovely Instagram followers sent me this question, and I knew it was something that I wanted to touch on. She said: Looking back, what is one thing you would have worried less about and

My Love/Hate Relationship With Fall

Sure, sure if you are a girl you have probably posted about ten Facebook statuses about Pumpkin Spice lattes, boots, and sweaters. Yes, we all love those things and if we are being really honest,

Jon + Sara – Jefferson Couple Session

Jon and Sara got married over 5 years ago but their wedding photos looked quite different than these images. About a year after their wedding they decided to get healthy, they collectively lost

Cody + Jamie – Little Farmer Anniversary Session

I have shared my theory about annual photos on this blog from time to time and in sharing my belief that life stages should be captured and remembered for what they are, a few of my amazing wedding

Kort + Claire – The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond Wedding

Every once in awhile, I get the honor of photographing a wedding for dear friends!  On Friday I got to spend the day among some of my favorite people in the world while Claire and Kort said

Aaron + Sarah – Waterford Farm Engagement

Aaron and Sarah met in the dorms at the University of Wisconsin and it took a little time for their love to click. They started as friends and over time, their relationship grew. Together, they

Surprising Facts Behind Common Wedding Traditions

Drew and I got married three years ago! (Whoa! Is it weird that I still consider myself a recent bride?) We got married before Pinterest and Instagram, which makes me sound like an old lady talking