Duluth Pack : Let’s Be Adventurers

Have you ever had a moment where worlds absolutely collide in the most inspiring and beautiful of ways? This shoot was exactly that for me: Duluth Pack, my darling sister and her boyfriend, an

Pete + Lindsey – Lake Lawn Wedding

We were walking back towards the end of the party when Lindsey said, “It’s safe to say that the biggest thing we are is thankful.” What words to hear from a radiant bride on such a day! Truly, she

Laura Hooper Calligraphy Workshop Chicago

We “met” on Instagram a year or two back, we both had far smaller followings and a similar desire to connect with creatives. The funny thing? When you start commenting on

A paintbrush, a dream, and a giveaway

Just shy of one whole year ago I launched the Jenna Kutcher Print Shop. Whoa, where has time gone? It’s absolutely wild to think of the evolution of my life, my business, my little print shop

My 27th Trip Around The Sun

It’s my birthday! April 8th comes and goes every year and only leads me to asking one question: how old am I, again? It sounds silly but truly, I feel like I lost track after the age of 22. At

5 Tips to Avoid Stress While Wedding Planning

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful endeavors you take on. As a photographer and a former bride, I know it and see it firsthand. If we really take a step back,

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good

A few weeks ago I ventured off to Santa Barbara, California for my second go at Field Trip. It’s basically a crazy gathering at a glamorous campground for photographers and creatives to

Let’s Make Waves: JKC Guest Speakers

Introducing the amazing:   You need to read the guest speakers bios, you just have to: CLICK HERE  - I wish I had the right words to truly express how crazy/exciting/exhilarating this day is

We Are A Family : Northern Cabin Escape

Last December we decided that presence > presents. While everyone was hustling and bustling to buy gifts upon gifts, we tried to keep it simple, focus on family, and forget the pressure of

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

In business, in life, in love, we are innately people pleasers. We go through life trying not to ruffle feathers, trying to convince everyone that we are awesome and likable, and in our

JKC : Round One Participants

Get to know these beautiful faces: click here Eight weeks ago I set out on an endeavor that has challenged, changed, pushed, excited, exhausted, and exhilarated me in the craziest of ways. I never

To My Little Sister

Dear Kate, It’s crazy to think that you are 21. It’s mind boggling, actually. I remember the day when I was in kindergarten and my teacher told me I had to call mom in the hospital. You

Be Your Own Biggest Fan

I’ve always been a leader in the whole “fake it ’til you make it” lifestyle. When I started my career, I walked into every client meeting after giving myself a ten minute pep

Those Little Corners of Ice

I went for a run the other day. (I’m trying to say that casually like I go for runs all of the time.) The truth is, after our last full marathon two years ago, I was so burnt out on running

Jenna Kutcher Course Launch

Eight weeks ago I admitted a dream out loud.  56 days ago I uttered my dream of teaching, of inspiring, of liberating entrepreneurs. Since then, I have been going hard to land on this day. Today the

Jenna-ing Right Now

  Jenna-ing | Week of March 5-12 MAKING : a marketing course for creative entrepreneurs! (Pssst: early bird sign up on Monday!) READING: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler, too hilarious to read on a plane