Join Me at Illume Retreat!

Guys, right now I am in the thick of wedding season and am running full force at finishing with a bang! This year has looked SO incredibly different for me in so many ways. From intentionally

Travel Guide: Los Angeles

I am forcing myself to get through our travel photos from our anniversary coastal road trip to California because my personal photos always take the backseat to client work and sadly they never make

How I Measure Success

I do various features for different blogs each month and they generally include an interview for me to fill out. The other day I was typing up my responses when a question stopped me in success: how

Chase Happiness

I sat around the table eating vegan tacos and sipping a margarita with a bunch of powerhouse women in business. As we shared our stories and talked about all that we are surrounded by and how we got

It’s Here! Our New JKC Site is LIVE!

I feel like I just gave birth. Okay, so I actually have zero clue what giving birth actually feels like and this is nothing like pushing a baby out of you know what but today is a big launch day for

Why I Won’t Use Social Media as a Veil

Social media is a lot of things but to me, it’s a platform that can be used for good. It’s funny, really, how positive of a reaction I got from such a “non-beautiful” photo.

Four Years Deep in the Marriage Game

You know you married a good man when you have never slept in separate beds because of a fight, only because he let you take in another foster dog who needs cuddles. How lucky am I to be married to

Aaron + Sarah – Blackhawk Country Club Wedding

The best days are the ones spent with people focused on having the best day ever. Every day is a good day for a good day and Aaron and Sarah totally get that! Surrounded by their friends and

Your Dress Might Get Dirty

My Darling Bride, It is here, that countdown you’ve been doing has led you to this very day. It’s your wedding day. It’s whimsical, beautiful, perfect, and it has arrived. The sun


This is going to be a bit more personal than I’d like, but in an effort to stay as authentic and genuine as possible, I only feel it’s fair to share the reality of this dream of mine and

Drew + Katie – The Abbey Resort Wedding

It all started on Friday night with a beautiful boat cruise on the Lake. I started to watch Drew and Katie’s relationship unfold and as he looked into her eyes and proudly proclaimed how

How to Double Your Instagram Following

Guys, I am so stoked to announce that last week I soft launched my “How to Double (or Triple) Your Instagram Following” guide and it’s FREE! I am always working behind the scenes

My Life is Forever Changed

I am a major internal processor. I am always thinking, revisiting conversations, reliving moments in my head, and contemplating the things I just witnessed or the experiences I just lived. I

The #1 Thing I Love About Being Married

My mom told my grandma that I up and left the country at the drop of a hat for last weeks mission trip and my grandma asked, “how does Drew feel about Jenna leaving all of the time?” I

A Fresh Start You Should Take

It’s a new month (um, hey August) and a Monday and man, I am in love with the idea of a fresh start. There is something so utterly refreshing about taking a deep breath and embarking on


I’m sitting in the airport on the way home searching for words but they aren’t coming so today I want to share a little glimpse of what the last week in the Dominican Republic with