Most days you can find me in yoga pants, working on the couch with a smile on my face and rescue pups in my lap. I am a wife to my beloved and a devoted puppy mom. I am a wedding blogger, a fashion fanatic, a watercolor artist, a teacher, and a woman who seeks adventure. We only have one life, I believe in making it count, having fun, and showing off my terrible dance moves. I love rescuing dogs, eating macaroni and cheese every Monday, and taking daily naps.

My style is raw, real, and authentic. I make it simple for you, focusing on the precious candid moments that naturally occur. Love is meant to be shared, celebrated. When you look at your wedding photographs years from now, I want those memories to come flooding back. The sentiment, bliss, light, and laughter from the day you wed.

I am in this to tell stories.
Love stories, about couples just like you.